A Free SRT to VTT Converter Tool to Transform SRT Subtitle Files to VTT Files Use online, no signup required, no download

Free online tool to convert SubRip subtitle files to WebVTT files.

A Free SRT to VTT Converter Tool to Transform SRT Subtitle Files to VTT Files Use online, no signup required.

Convert SRT to VTT Online

You can convert your SRT subtitles files into VTT, quickly and easily. Upload your .srt file and save it as VTT. You can even create new subtitles files automatically, using our captioning or subtitle tool—from audio and video, then download them as SRT and VTT files. Hard-code or burn your subtitles to your video so they will automatically display on VLC and other media players. 

How to convert SRT to VTT?

1. Upload the SRT (.srt) file.

Select the subtitle file that you want to convert to VTT.

2. Select "WebVTT (.vtt)".

You can also select any other available format.

3. Convert.

Click on "Convert to VTT" and your video will be uploaded to our server to convert.

4. Download your VTT file.

It will take a few minutes until the VTT file is ready.

Convert SRT to VTT Online

Convert your SubRip (.srt) subtitle files to WebVTT (.vtt) quickly and easily with Ebby's free online SRT subtitle converter.
No need to download and install any third-party software on your computer - all in your browser and it works on Windows, Mac (Apple), Linux and any mobile device. Simply upload your SubRip file and hit the Convert SRT button.

About SRT Format (SubRip)

While the SubRip (SRT) format is one of the most common formats used for subtitling and captioning, it is considered one of the most basic formats.

SubRip files are named with the extension .srt and are widely supported by most video players and media editing/recording software such as VLC, KMPlayer, BS Player, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

A SubRip file has four main parts:

  • Subtitle Sequence Number: A number identifying each of the subtitles. Subtitles are numbered sequentially, starting at 1.
  • Subtitle Start & End Timecodes: Indicate when should the subtitle appear on screen and when it should disappear.
    The start/end timecodes are in the format hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds (yes, the fractional separator is a comma).
  • Subtitle Text: The subtitle/caption itself.
  • Blank Line: Indicating the end of a subtitle / start of a new one.

SRT supports some basic text formatting, derived from HTML tags:

  • <b>...</b> - bold
  • <u>...</u> - underline
  • <i>...</i> - italic
  • <font color="[name>|#code]">...</font> - font color
  • X1:... X2:... Y1:... Y2:... - line position/coordinates (placed after the timecodes)

How To Open an SRT File

SRT (SubRip) files are plain text files and can be opened and edited with any text editor.

Note: Since SRT files are text files, you cannot convert srt to MP4 or MP3 to srt. MP3 and MP4 are media formats (audio & video respectively) and cannot be converted to/from SRT.

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