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Bulk Image Compressor

Fast and free image compressor

  1. Drag n Drop images
  2. Compress away!

No uploading. No signup. Free!

Reduce size of images in bulk.

Compress unlimited images online for free. Your images are your property and stay on your machine.

How to questions

How to compress images in bulk?

  1. Drop as many images in the dropbox.
  2. Click Start Compressing and you have all your images compressed.

How to compress PNG, JPG images?

Compress images of following types: PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP images.

How to compress multiple images at once?

  1. Image compressor can compress images in batch
  2. Drop as many images as your system can handle in the dropbox
  3. You get compressed images. Very often the size is reduced from MBs to KBs

Why did I make an image compressor in 2022?

Existing image compressors are ad laden, upload images to server and have limits on number of images that can be compressed. So, I made one for myself. Hope you enjoy it too.